Strand: Prayer, Liturgy and Sacraments (PLSPCE2)

Post Compulsory

The spiritual life, enriched by prayer and given expression in different religious traditions and worldview, can inform life’s meaning and purpose.

Investigate spiritualities of the Christian tradition together with spiritualities from other religious traditions and worldviews, discerning how they offer meaning and purpose for people’s lives.


The human person is, by nature, reflective and longs to find meaning and purpose. People search for a spiritual dimension to life and are prepared to spend time to discover and develop this aspect of their lives.

Spirituality involves the various dimensions of human existence and experience, or the inner dimension of the person where reality is experienced. It relates to the authentic quest for ultimate value.

There are many different spiritualities which may or may not be based on a firm belief in God. For some, spirituality may be intimately connected with a particular Christian or Non-Christian tradition. For others, it may be the basis for a search for the true meaning of life for that person.

Spirituality traditions of the Christian church include Augustinian, Benedictine, Franciscan and Ignatian.

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