Strand: God, Religion and Society (GRSPCE2)

Post Compulsory

In a pluralising and secular culture, people’s spirituality, customs and way of life are informed by their particular religious and/or non-religious worldviews.

Identify and critique some potential challenges posed by different religious traditions and non-religious worldviews in Australia and the importance of working with the challenge of respecting otherness for the common good.


In a world characterised by pluralisation, potential challenges exist for people from different religious and philosophical worldviews to live in mutual respect for the common good. Some cultural misunderstandings which might challenge any work for the common good could emerge from: a general public disinterest in the contribution of religious and other tradition to the public square; religious misunderstandings; religious scandals; the role of women in religious and other traditions; fear of the other; media misreporting/bias etc.

Some religious traditions and worldviews include those of Catholicism, Anglicanism, Lutheranism, Judaism, Islam, Indigenous Spiritualities, atheism, Taoism, Buddhism, Wicca, New Ageism, Environmental Philosophy, and Humanism.

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